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#1 Reason to Grow a ‘Stache for Movember: Get Lucky!

Let’s face it, mustaches went out of style for most straight guys sometime in the early 1980’s. Nowadays, us heteros associate lip sweaters with gay men and cops. Van Dykes became popular again in the 90’s, thanks to grunge, and meterosexual stubble soon followed suit with the proliferation of Calvin Klein models moodily posing topless with waxed and oiled torsos.

But the days when chest hair was a sign of virility are long gone, unceremoniously shaved and plucked into oblivion, just like the disco bush. Along with musicals like Hair, the mustache died a pretty horrible death, and has never really recovered. Although lately there’s been a bit of a resurgence in mutton chops, beards and afros, the mustache just seems to have too much baggage to make a comeback.

Still, one has to admire the Prostate Cancer awareness campaign, Movember, that started nearly a decade ago in Australia, and has since spread to Europe and North America. Grow a mustache and raise awareness for cancer, what a great gimmick, given how men with mustaches are so conspicuous these days.

But now the ladies have apparently gotten on board, too, and no longer are studiously avoiding mustachioed men like the plague. That’s right, for one day a year at least, the women are actually urging their sisters to Have Sex With a Guy With a Mustache on November 18th.

If this catches on, expect to see a lot more men participating next Movember!