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Why I’m Voting for “Good Guy Gregor”

I have to admit, amidst all the violent crackdowns in #occupied cities, Mayor Gregor Robertson – despite taking a lot of flack from conservative pundits (and the opposition NPA’s mayoral candidate, Suzanne Anton) for not quashing Vancouver’s tent city – is starting to look like one of the more civilized mayors in North America.

While New York City’s Mayor Bloomburg called in bulldozers, pepper spray, water cannons and riot police in the dead of night to address “fire and safety concerns”, our own city officials went in and had a chat, negotiated the removal of a few obvious problem structures, and got the VAG grounds cleaned up nicely. No trampling of Charter Rights, no barring the Free Press, no mayhem or arrests.

So yeah, I back the Juiceman.


Motorcycle Gangs Surround Farmers Market


It was kind of strange to have the annual motorcycle show, which closed off most of Gastown to cars today, on the same day as the weekly farmers market that has started up on Carrall Street. Both were a smashing success on this gorgeous Sunday.


There’s been a lot of talk lately about the flailing “Car Free Days”, er, “Public Spaces Program” in other parts of the city. But the more modest Gastown Farmers Market has been a great addition to the neighbourhood, and I can’t imagine any reason not to continue having it.


Not to be outdone by the local chocolatier, Harley Davidson shows that sexual stereotypes still sell hogs too:


Last week, I asked the good folks at Bill’s Confectionary how business was on Market days, and Catherine happily said, “Much busier than normal.” Today, there was a lineup of brawny dudes with tats and handlebar mustaches crammed into the store, and Catherine looked a little worried, which is rare for her.


Looking west down Powell from Main Street. The huge tower on the left is the Woodwards redevelopment. Gives some perspective on just how dominating the new towers are in this low-rise, heritage district.


The second coolest bike I saw today.


Alexander Street at Columbia, with the coolest bike I saw today in the foreground — check out the wood seat!