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A Break from the Noise



Into the Belly of the Beast

Res Gestae Divi Augusti

The divine deeds of August done, birthdays and retrogrades, retiring rhetoric before Irene gores the shores. We are no longer one, our desert tents closed against the sandstorm on opposite ends of this war camp. The new moon passing a statesman, our regards meaning jack in the general scheme. Maybe we are emboldened by this tax revolt, this rejection of too many lies, the recognition in the streets that we have lost our way. But maybe we are just foreclosing on lifelong dreams, the trend of a dying industry, the time to read, the lambs succumbing to another scam, sacrificing our propensity to hope, to make a difference, to avoid feeling paranoid and sick, when all in all it’s just another brick…


Small Parts Isolated and Destroyed

My buddy Joe dropped in last week and said, “Get your shit together, we’re going to NoMeansNo.”

“Dude, I’m totally broke, and I’m supposed to meet someone for coffee in 15 minutes.”

“Fuck you. You’re coming. I got you a ticket. I’ll buy the beers. Let’s go.”

Well, it’s hard to argue with that, especially since Joe and I were regulars at so many NoMeansNo shows stretching back to the years when Andy Kerr was still the guitarist. So many bruised ribs, so many pounds lost sweating it out in the mosh pit over the years.

All I can say is that it was a fantastic show. The Wright brothers still kick ass on bass and drums, symbiotic like the Sedins are on the ice. We pogoed our asses off, sweat out years of toxic sludge, and got right hammered.

Thanks Joe, I really needed that!

“Two Lips, Two Lungs and One Tongue” and “Rags and Bones” from Live and Cuddly (1991)

One Love

“One Love” by Bob Marley (RIP)

Death of the Pantages Theatre?

“They’re in the old tailor shop at 134 E Hastings tearing up the hardwood flooring, and salvaging timber. They’ve built pass-throughs from there into the old Blue Eagle at 130 E Hastings and into the building to the east, doing the same work – so basically all 3 of the low rise buildings in the land assembly. The worker I spoke to said they’re going to move east to the 2 storey building directly beside the theatre, then on to the theatre itself. Looks like only a matter of time now. I wondered since the For Sale signs dissappeared.”

From a citizen named Ron, on January 28th, 2011.

*  *  *

I swear to God, if our current City Council lets this happen, they will live in shame for the rest of their lives…


*  *  *

PUSH and Shove

After kind of a crazy week of attending public meetings and commenting rather obsessively on the civic blogs about the Historic Area Height Review, not to mention endless work meetings and documents due, it sure was nice to take in a little fictional drama, as the PUSH festival’s production of La Marea (The Tide) has taken over the unit block of Water Street.

Each night they close the block to cars, cut the streetlights, and 9 different scenes take place concurrently along the street and in the storefront windows. Each one takes ten minutes to play out, then there’s a break for a couple of minutes between each playing so that the audience can walk to whatever scene they want to see next. They repeat over and over for two hours each night. Over the course of the week, I’ve managed to see each scene at least once now. There’s something rather stimulating about going to pick up a paper or buy milk, and stopping along the way to watch a mini-play for a ten minutes.

*  *  *

*  *  *