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CBC Report on the Internet in 1993

With civic elections coming up in BC next November, sniping amongst local politicos in social media is heating up again. Here’s an interesting CBC report about the Internet just months before mouses and Mosaic took off and the Internet became a graphic experience – up until then it was mostly text-based bulletin boards, the precursors to blogs and tweets.

Interesting comments at 1:45 about anonymous commentators and how few ad hominen attacks occurred back in the early days, before political parties and corporations had much of an online presence.


CBC Report on 1971 Gastown Riot

Interesting cast of characters in this CBC report following the Gastown Riot in August 1971. The venerable Doug Collins is the reporter. Starts and ends with Tom Terrific. There’s a minute longer version in the CBC vaults with special appearance by Art Phillips, looking so dapper and rational in comparison.

Apathy Wins 52-48

“The accomplice to the crime of corruption is frequently our own indifference.”

– Bess Myerson


It’s official, apathy has won a stunning victory in British Columbia.

52% of registered voters decided not to cast a vote in this election. More than half of the people simply do not care how this province is governed, or by whom.

This translates into a government being elected by getting just over 21% of BC voters to vote for them. That’s not a victory anyone in a democracy should be proud of.

It is simply appalling.

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