The Hockey Gods Aren’t Singing, “No, Canada”

Apparently, Americans are heathens. They do not believe in the Hockey Gods. Posting a desecration of Canada’s national anthem on the ESPN website today after last night’s 5-3 USA victory over Canada proves that they are unenlightened infidels, with no moral compass.

They lack the fear of God.

And they shall be smited down for their insolence.

The Hockey Gods are not amused…


No Canada (as posted on

No, Canada

You lost to Uncle Sam

We’ll take the gold

You laid down like a lamb

With frying pans you tended goal

We scored on you at will

From far and wide, Oh Canada

We’re scoring on you still.

God keep your nets

Wide open and emp-ty

O Canada

We scored five goals on thee

O Canada

U.S. with gold you’ll see!


(The day after losing 5-3 to the USA: Vancouver Sun picture of Roberto Luongo and Martin Brodeur at practice Monday morning at Brittania Ice Rink (my son’s home ice hockey rink for his first two years playing). Canucks’ Luongo gets his chance in goal for the rest of the Olympics after Brodeur’s weak performance against USA on Sunday.) 


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